Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prom Photos

Hi, everyone. It's almost that time again: prom! I know that most schools have a photographer at prom from whom you can order photos, but think about it--you pay $40 for a picture package with 20 prints of one image of your son or daughter in front of a neutral background surrounded by cheesy looking props. Why not spend the same amount to get several pictures that are as creative and unique as your kids are? Introducing the 2011 Prom Special...

For $40, any student who attends a Bloomington high school or Edgewood High School can get his/her photos taken before heading off to prom. This session is 30 minutes long, and photos can include dates, friends, family, pets, anyone you'd like! This can be done at home or at another location of your choice. Each of your photos will be edited and then shipped to you on a CD along with a limited print release.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer this exact same deal to any student who lives outside of the Bloomington/Elletsville area because of travel costs, but if you are interested, please email me at so that we can discuss other pricing options.

Space will be very limited, so make sure you book your session soon!

...and in case you've forgotten how much better your prom pictures could be, here's a reminder from last year.

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